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Though they could not cast spells themselves^ they
could 'cast out the evil spirits5 and cure the person
whose face was distorted In the above manner.
We used to watch them do this. They would
take some sort of herbs and place them In an
earthen bowl and set them on fire. Then they
would tell the suffering person to bend over this
bowl and breathe In the fumes from the burning
herbs. After several minutes the patient would
feel something in his mouth. He would run his
finger Into his mouth and pull out a long halr3
sometimes nearly a foot long—and then his face
would gradually straighten up to Its natural lines,
Where this hair came from, no one has ever been
able to tell, though one Indian who had been
afflicted told me that he found It away up between
the roots of his gums and his cheek. He thinks
the medicine-man slipped a poisoned hair into
the stem of his pipe.

But the most weird and Interesting part of the
medicine-man's practices was the sensational rites
which he would carry out when 'getting in touch
with the spirits'. Whenever he wanted to get a
forecast of the future^ get the outcome of some
future event or cure some sick person who was
lying at the point of death, he would hold this
rite in the big medicine-teepee,, and the entire
tribe would be allowed to witness it. I often
watched this as a youngster., and to this day I